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  • Valhalla Brook Falls at Pyramid Mountain

    IMG_1484 copy.jpg

    Valhalla Brook Falls
    Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area, Morris County, New Jersey
    I am working on new artwork to update the trail info panels at the visitor center within the Pyramid Mountain. Nice privilege to be a part of.
    Canon 10-18mm + Canon SL2
  • Magnolia in Bloom

    IMG_1383 copy.jpg

    Magnolia in Spring
    I normally walk around the pond and nature trails at Fairview for photography but this roadside opportunity was even easier to shoot. Positioning the wide angle lens close to the blossoms set the stage for a dramatic perspective.
    Canon 10-18mm + Canon SL2
  • Spring 2019 NJ Amphibian Migration

    If you watch closely you can see us moving a few salamanders to safety.

    I am wearing my yellow rainjacket in the night footage. I also found the discolored Spring Peeper in the video!

    Nice production by New Jersey Divison of Fish & Wildlife and great organizing by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

  • April Storm over Wildcat Ridge

    483A0004 copy.jpg

    April Storm over Wildcat Ridge
    Rockaway Township, New Jersey
    I was at the right place and right time for dramatic weather at the local hawkwatch. I’ve photographed from this vista dozens of times but have never observed such defined clouds. A seemingly ethereal light struck the foreground as sunlight permeated the sky.
    Canon 5Dsr + Tamron 24-70mm
  • Tree Swallow in Sussex County NJ

    IMG_1060 copy.jpg

    Tree Swallow
    Hyper Humus Marsh, Lafayette NJ
    My first assumption was that the Tree Swallow was preparing its nest in this cavity. However when a Bluebird burst out of the opening and chased off the Swallow it was clear I was witnessing a different scenario.
  • “Landscapes of New Jersey” at Parsippany Library
    A few views of my exhibit, Landscapes of New Jersey, at the Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library on Halsey Road. My artwork is on display through the month of April.
    Join us Tuesday April 30th for a free program on landscape photography at the library!
  • Clouds over Oros Preserve

    IMG_1131 copy.jpg

    Clouds over Oros Preserve
    Ernie Oros Wildlife Preserve, Woodbridge, NJ
    This was my first trip to this nature area in Central Jersey. I saw several hatching turtles, many Tree Swallows, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Myrtle Warblers, and even a few Rusty Blackbirds. Not bad for a quick walk.
    Visit the Oros Wildlife Preserve –
  • Zimmerli Art Museum with Morris County 4H Shutterbugs


    This week I met up with the Morris County 4H Shutterbugs photography club at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers.


    I had previously suggested that the group visit a gallery for some artistic inspiration. However, I had not visited Zimmerli before. Credit goes to Shutterbugs organizer Britt for her diligence and planning to bring the trip together.


    I was very impressed by the diverse and solid curating at this great art facility in New Brunswick.


    Admission is always free at Zimmerli Museum of Art and the staff and exhibits are top notch.

    IMG_1234The reasons I like art museums are twofold. I greatly enjoy doing my best to interpret artwork. Secondly, I find the photojournalism opportunities quite abundant at museums.

  • Spotted Turtle in Morris County NJ

    IMG_1031 copy.jpg

    Spotted Turtle
    Morris County, New Jersey
    In my experience, Spotted Turtles are sparsely distributed in Northern New Jersey. I recently stumbled on this one and photographed it in Washington Township.
  • Clouds over Trail

    IMG_1097 copy.jpg

    Clouds over Trail
    Hyper Humus Marsh, Lafayette NJ
    Real estate work brought me to Sussex County today, a good excuse to get outdoors with the camera for an hour.
    Sigma 17-50mm + Canon EOS M50
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