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Dave Blinder Nature Photography Blog

  • New Jersey Black Bear

    I assure you that no humans were harmed in the making of this photograph.

    NJ bear hunt begins again soon 👎 It is a shame how effective fear mongering is in USA culture and policy making.

  • Incoming Storm and Broadleaf Arrowhead

    Incoming Storm and Broadleaf Arrowhead
    Paulinskill River WMA
    Sussex County NJ
    September 2023

    A low camera angle on the Paulinskill highlights the flowers of a Broadleaf Arrowhead.

    I was previously unaware that these plants’ roots can yield a highly edible tuber often referred to as “duck potato” or “Indian potato”.

    Canon M5 + EF-M 11-22mm

  • September Storm Over the Paulinskill

    September Storm Over the Paulinskill
    Sussex County NJ

    An ominous horizontal cloud hugged the horizon before this afternoon’s storm.

    Canon M5 + EFM 11-22mm

  • Not a NJ Copperhead

    Not a Copperhead 🐍

    Tourne County Park
    Morris County NJ
    September 2023

    “Snake phobia” seems to have recently overtaken my area as well as other parts of New Jersey. The facts are that venomous snakes (Copperheads and Rattlesnakes) are quite uncommon.

    The facts also are that this is an image of a common Northern Water Snake which is the most misidentified snake around.

    If you can’t identify a snake don’t go near it yet also apply the theory of “Occam’s Razor”, the most common species is likely what you are looking at.

    Canon 77D + Tamron 100-400mm

  • Island Beach Sunset

    Island Beach Sunset
    Island Beach State Park
    Ocean County NJ

    Taken back in 2009, this was a great opportunity to observe day about to transition into night from “the Jersey Shore”.

    Canon 7D + Canon 100-400mm

  • Pickerel Frog at Wildcat Ridge WMA

    Pickerel Frog
    Wildcat Ridge WMA
    Morris County NJ

    This small Pickerel Frog jumped across the Orange Trail and onto a rock during my late day hike to the local hawkwatch.

    My camera was quite low to the ground with a wide angle macro lens to capture this perspective.

    Canon M5 + 28mm EFM macro lens

  • Musconetcong River Bend in Autumn 09/28/2014

    Musconetcong River Bend in Autumn
    Stephens State Park, NJ
    September 2014

    Taken a little over 9 years ago at Stephens State Park which offers an easy leisurely walk along the Musconetcong River.

    Canon 6D + Tamron 24-70mm


  • Groundhog Family

    Groundhog Family
    Waywayanda State Park
    New Jersey
    May 2012

    Never won any awards with this shot from 10+ years ago 😆 It’s still the only time I’ve observed a group of young groundhogs (woodchucks) together.

    Canon 7D + Tamron 18-270mm

  • Great Brook in Late Summer

    Great Brook in Late Summer
    Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
    Morris County NJ
    August 2023

    The Purple Loosestrife was in full bloom today near Long Hill Road.

    Canon M5 + 18-150mm

  • Eastern Fence Lizard in New Jersey

    Eastern Fence Lizard
    Brendan T Byrne State Forest
    New Jersey
    July 2023

    A closeup view of a common Fence Lizard at rest in the New Jersey Pinelands.

    Canon 77D + Tamron 100-400mm

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